Jumping the Hurdle

Four years ago or a little more by now, I had this crazy idea for a novel and I began writing it. I was working on it off and on over this period of time, sometimes going months without writing a single word. Around two years ago, a couple of my friends began harassing me about joining a writer’s group that could help keep me on track. I was very reluctant as I felt I wanted to write on my own time and I thought joining a group might be too much pressure.

Well now I can say that, as of yesterday, I submitted my manuscript to start the editing process with Witching Hour Publishing. I couldn’t have done it without the support as well as the gentle kick in the ass by the awesome Ink Slingers Guild (the writers group). I also owe a lot of thanks to my two aforementioned friends, without whom, none of this would have happened.

There’s still work to do to get to the final product, but I never would have gotten here if it wasn’t for this amazing group of people. ErikaCourtenayLisaNicoleJen Rhiannon, and Desi, thank you so much, I love you all and I looking forward to the rest of the journey.

After visiting the Doctor Who Experience, I felt compelled to write a tribute to the character that inspires awe and adventure…

The ship whirred and groaned as it materialized upon its destination, a moment that always stirred excitement in the time traveler’s stomach. He allowed the butterflies to roam freely, reveling in the feeling. Over the centuries, his emotions have dulled due to the routine of it all, but not this feeling. That’s why he prolonged it for as long as possible. It reminded him that he was alive. The time traveler adjusted the beige duster hanging on his lanky frame and moved a young hand, that belied his age, through his gelled hair, mussing it.  The beige Converse sneakers he wore added to his youthful and eccentric look. He stared at the doors leading to the planet that lay beyond for a moment longer, then exited.

The noise assaulted his ears, but that didn’t matter. He loved the comings and goings of the race that occupied the planet. They were his favorite, imaginative and ingenious, their ability for committing atrocities outweighed only by their capacity for hope and love. “Humans,” he said with a smile. Viewing the universe through their eyes kept it new and vibrant, making him feel young again, so he visited as often as possible. The time traveler fixed his tie and brown pinstripe suit jacket. Then he allowed his legs, clad in matching brown pinstripe pants, to pick any direction they wanted and set off, certain to find adventure.

Behind Closed Doors

Elken wandered the ruins. It was his escape, a place to think. Today, something felt different when he entered. As he approached the double doors that no longer opened, the air changed. It felt thick and warm. Elken, wanted to turn away, but he couldn’t resist its pull. To his surprise, as he drew closer, a pulsing warm yellow glow began to emanate from behind the arched doorways. They gave way with a gentle push and the light enveloped him.

Image of: Tintern Abbey – Tintern, Wales

The Calm Before

It was a fair day with a cool wind blowing and Caius slowly expelled his breath as he entered the amphitheatre. The leather on his body, his only protection. The crowd was noisy, a mixture of cheers and jeers. As he stepped out to the center, he wondered if the sea of people, these stones and wood benches would be the last thing he would ever see.

Image of: Caerleon Amphitheatre – Newport,Wales

Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies

So far in my blog I’ve been focusing on my love for Jane Austen, but the sci-fi geek in me is feeling a bit neglected and wants to share. To get started, I’ve put together a list of 5 of my favorite science fiction movies. These movies aren’t here because they’re considered to be the best in their class, but because I find them inspiring in some way.

  1. Stargate: I love the idea of traveling to different worlds and the mythology of ancient Egypt. This movie seamlessly blended mythology and sci-fi together in an adventure that I can watch again and again. I’ve also watched all of the spin-off series!
  2. Equilibrium: A world where emotions have been sacrificed for the greater good of humanity. Each time I see Preston struggle with the onslaught of his newly found emotions, I’m moved deeply. I feel as anxious and excited as he does when he starts to tear the film off of his window to reveal the beautiful sunrise over the city. This movie reminds me to appreciate art and emotions and how important they are to humanity. Without them, what’s the point? On a lighter note, the action sequences are also amazing and I’m always happy when Preston finally faces “Father” to put an end to the corrupt government.
  3. Star Trek (2009): Star Trek purists will hate that this is on the list, but I thought the story was very clever. Time travel is one of my favorite aspects of science fiction. With it, the possibilities are endless!  Also, I loved seeing Star Trek back on the big screen. I have watched all of the Star Trek movies, classic and next generation, and I love them all.
  4. Galaxy Quest: The blend of science fiction, comedy and action in this movie is perfect. Nothing feels out of balance and I love that it pays homage to and pokes fun at Star Trek.
  5. Jupiter Ascending: Is this the best science fiction movie ever? No. However, this movie has beautiful costumes, scenery, and battles. Everything is beautiful! Plus, the aliens are so imaginative. You get a glimpse of a very large universe in a small amount of time, which I find impressive. Plus, Sean Bean doesn’t die!

A Review: Captain Wentworth’s Diary

A little while ago, I finished reading Captain Wentworth’s Diary, by Amanda Grange. It’s Persuasion from Captain Wentworth point of view told through his diary entries. This was the second time I’ve read the book. The first time, I must admit,  I read it without having read Persuasion thinking that having watched the 2007 version, starring Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawkins, would give me all of the background I needed. I was mistaken. Even though, I found it enjoyable the first time around, I got so much more out of it after having read the original story, as it all fit together as it was intended. Amanda Grange beautifully painted a picture of Captain Wentworth’s feelings and I felt as if I got know him. From the moments of his growing love for Anne, through the heart break of Anne ending their engagement, and, finally, their reconciliation.

Of course, the entire time, I was picturing Penry-Jones as the Captain. I’m afraid that he will always be who I picture, as he played the role so well. I could even hear him narrate the letter as I read it. To me, the letter is the pinnacle of the story. All of his emotions are laid to bare and Amanda Grange built up the moment, so it was even more satisfying having been privy to his struggle the entire time. If you have not done so, pick up a copy. You’ll not regret it for an instant. It’s a story that every Jane Austen fan must read!

Pemberly Up For Sale!

A friend of mine forwarded me an article that the estate used as Pemberly in the Pride and Prejudice mini-series starring Colin Firth is up for sale. It’s only a mere 12.5 million US dollars. I was joking with her that we should get everyone we know to pitch in, because with over 300 rooms, I’m not sure we’d notice that we all lived together! Even so we both agreed that we’d have to hold, at least, one ball per year. How could you not?

A girl can dream…

Here’s a link to the article, which also relates some of the history surrounding the estate. It’s an interesting read.

Halloween Descends Upon the Inkslingers

Tonight we read our group Halloween story at Wordier Than Thou’s open prose night at Studio@620 and it was a great time! It was full of witches, danger, and evil. Who could ask for more? It’s an honor to be a part of the talented, amazing people of the Inkslingers and to hear the great stories of the other brave souls that faced the mic.  Great job everyone!

Terrifying and Rewarding

Well, I did it.  I took a big step and put myself out in front of an audience and read, out loud, an excerpt from a short story I’ve written which will be published in the Ink Slingers Guild’s fall anthology.  It was super scary, but I had amazing supportive people there to help me get through it.  End of day score:  Me: 1, Fear of Public Speaking:0!