Doctor Who: Power of the Daleks

I'm a fan of Doctor Who, both old and new and grew up watching reruns of Tom Baker episodes on PBS. Does anyone else remember those pledge drives where we got to watch episode after episode? Anyway, it was a real treat to be able to see an episode that hasn't been available for a very long time. We all new it was unlikely to have the missing episodes recreated with actors, but it was clever to have the episode come alive through animation overlaid with the original audio track, so it was as close an experience to the original episode as we'd ever get. The animation was fun and the drawings capturing the actors were spot on. In fact, I didn't know anything about this episode going into it, except for the fact that it was Patrick Troughton's introduction and I recognized one of the actors from the drawing. It was none other than Marcus Scarman himself from the Pyramid of Mars (one of my favorite Tom Baker era episodes)!

The daleks were definitely the stars of this episode and they were very sinister while they were trying to sucker us humans into helping them while they were planning to exterminate us all. Some of the best humor of the episode came from the daleks' struggle to not show their true colors to the humans.

While some of the animation isn't perfectly smooth, this is a can't miss for Doctor Who fans. Go see the Power of the Daleks.