Second Chances
By Alanna J. Rubin

In this re-imagining of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, we follow Henry Tilney on the journey of saving Catherine Morland from an unforeseen fate. With the help of his sister, Eleanor, and some allies from a vampire-like race, can Henry Tilney overcome his adversaries to turn back time and change the future in order to save his one true love?

Serenity Rising: (Short Stories) (The Ink Slingers Guild presents Book 5)
By Nicole DragonBeck, JM Paquette, Desiree Matlock, Alanna Cormier, Lisa Barry, Anne Cargile, Dalia Lance, Rhiannon Matlock, Erika Lance

The Ink Slinger's Guild 5th Anthology is now available on Amazon and my latest short story, Return to Renwick Hall, is included.

Grayson Forsythe thought he had left his past behind, but unforeseen events force him to return home and assume the family title and responsibilities he never sought. Unexpectedly, reunited with a woman from his childhood, can she awaken his heart and help him claim a future he never knew he wanted?


The Ink Slinger’s Guild book of short stories, Bent Horizons, includes my short story-

 Yellow Ribbon

A gentleman immersed in the past, locked in grief, is drawn back toward the present by the vibrant light of a special lady. In a time when manners and reserve were the order of the day, what strange force brings them together?

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