Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies

So far in my blog I’ve been focusing on my love for Jane Austen, but the sci-fi geek in me is feeling a bit neglected and wants to share. To get started, I’ve put together a list of 5 of my favorite science fiction movies. These movies aren’t here because they’re considered to be the best in their class, but because I find them inspiring in some way.

  1. Stargate: I love the idea of traveling to different worlds and the mythology of ancient Egypt. This movie seamlessly blended mythology and sci-fi together in an adventure that I can watch again and again. I’ve also watched all of the spin-off series!
  2. Equilibrium: A world where emotions have been sacrificed for the greater good of humanity. Each time I see Preston struggle with the onslaught of his newly found emotions, I’m moved deeply. I feel as anxious and excited as he does when he starts to tear the film off of his window to reveal the beautiful sunrise over the city. This movie reminds me to appreciate art and emotions and how important they are to humanity. Without them, what’s the point? On a lighter note, the action sequences are also amazing and I’m always happy when Preston finally faces “Father” to put an end to the corrupt government.
  3. Star Trek (2009): Star Trek purists will hate that this is on the list, but I thought the story was very clever. Time travel is one of my favorite aspects of science fiction. With it, the possibilities are endless!  Also, I loved seeing Star Trek back on the big screen. I have watched all of the Star Trek movies, classic and next generation, and I love them all.
  4. Galaxy Quest: The blend of science fiction, comedy and action in this movie is perfect. Nothing feels out of balance and I love that it pays homage to and pokes fun at Star Trek.
  5. Jupiter Ascending: Is this the best science fiction movie ever? No. However, this movie has beautiful costumes, scenery, and battles. Everything is beautiful! Plus, the aliens are so imaginative. You get a glimpse of a very large universe in a small amount of time, which I find impressive. Plus, Sean Bean doesn’t die!