Can’t Let You Leave

Phalanx was a word of that produced a lot of discussion in our group before we started the writing exercise. The best part about the night was how many of them wrote about a phalanx of cats. I went a little more traditional and bit darker.


Cassie entered the room that the butler had ushered her into upon her arrival and closed the door. She was alone and while waiting for Lord Jasper, Cassie decided to explore. The room was lavishly decorated with green velvet curtains, two chaise lounges and a very ornate writing desk, but it was the pictures on the walls that really grabbed her attention. They depicted scenes of ancient Greece, soldiers in phalanx formation ready to face their enemy. She was getting a closer look at one painting when a cat jumped up onto a table next to her. Cassie picked up the grey cat and resumed her inspection while gingerly stroking its head. That’s when she noticed that the soldiers had moved and the spears were suddenly pointing in her direction. Cassie took a startled step back, when Lord Jasper entered the room. “I see you’ve found my latest experiment. That’s really too bad, I’m afraid I can’t let you leave now.”