A Demonic Whinney

I find Sleepy Hollow to be a great source of inspiration. It's a timeless tale that, for me, never gets old.


Grady had been waiting all year for his trip to Sleepy Hollow, New York and timed his arrival for the week of all Hallows Eve, but now he was tired and grateful to rest in his room at the inn. He sat down by the flickering fire and rubbed his leg in the hopes of soothing the cramp that had settled in his muscles. While he was there he knew, unconditionally, that this would be a trip to remember. Grady took out his copy of Sleep Hollow from his bag and began to read the story of the headless horseman when he heard a demonic whinney of a horse outside. Cautiously, he crept over to the window and peered around the edge of the wall. Outside stood a black horse with red glowing eyes