Writing Exercise: Couldn’t track my scent

The below three words were chosen and a response was written in five minutes.

  • Bitter
  • Surly
  • Chalice/Challis (a cup / lightweight clothing)

For this exercise, the word I latched onto was challis. Immediately, I knew that my main character was going to be a woman.

My lavender challis wasn’t warm enough for the cool October nights now upon us, but I didn’t have the time to change. Not when someone unexpectedly breaks into your home. I didn’t get a good look at him, but his constant cussing as he made his way through the living room then the kitchen, without finding me, told me he had a surly disposition. I decided not to meet him in person and quickly escaped out of my bedroom window down the fire escape. After I broke things off, I knew that Garret was bitter, but I didn’t expect him to send one of his goons after me. When I was a safe distance away from the tall brick building, I ducked into a nearby ally. I hated the thought of ruining one of my favorite dresses, but the best way to ensure said goon couldn’t track my scent was if I shifted.

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