Writing Exercise: No one was more shocked

For this writing exercise, it was the word “Shadow” that I found inspiring. I wanted this to be the name of my character. A shadow can be easily dismissed, but can also be a bad omen, or hide something dangerous.

  • Shadow
  • Shock
  • Timid

Shadow was often viewed as a timid man. He never interfered in the business of others – always keeping his head down and just getting the job done. Was it the look of fear in her eyes or the years of having stood on the sidelines doing nothing that had finally roused his anger? Maybe it was both.

No one was more shocked by his sudden outburst than the guard, who had raised his whip to the woman, and found that a sword had been run through his chest. Shadow watched as the guard’s look of surprise went slack, as his life left his body and he crumpled to the ground.