Writing Exercise: Striped in Alternating Colors

For this writing exercise, I was inspired by The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern.  ( A must read book. The circus felt truly magical.). What would be your inspiration?

The required words are below and we had five minutes to come up with the response.

  • Dance
  • Flutter
  • Circus

Excitement pulsed through Sam as he passed through the entrance gates of the circus. All around him were wonders that he had only read about in books. Over to the right was the bearded lady, to the left the world’s strongest man, but it was the big tent that got his attention. Striped in alternating colors of red and white, it beckoned him to come closer. Just as he was about to enter he was distracted by the fluttering of the canvas on a smaller tent nearby and he felt compelled to investigate. Cautiously he pulled back the curtain and ventured inside. Immediately Sam heard music and found a music box sitting on the table with two characters sweetly dancing to the melody. He wasn’t there long when a woman appeared from thin air. Her face obscured by heavy lace. She reached out toward him with a bony hand and gestured for Sam to sit.

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