Writing Exercise: It was his curse

I don’t know why, but I love the idea of someone having the ability to prophesy, and that when it happens, their eyes glow with the power.

  • Peak/peek
  • Prophesy (verb)
  • Cross

Dustin’s black leather jacket was being blown back by the wind as he stood at the edge of the cliff, staring down into the crashing waves below. It would be easy to put an end to the torment. All he had to do was jump. He held onto the cross that was hanging around his neck and picked up his foot as if he were about to jump, when the moon suddenly peeked out from behind the clouds. The glow that encircled him seemed to stop him dead in his tracks and he felt the searing pain behind his eyes. If anyone were there, they could see that his eyes were glowing green. Jumbled images flashed through his mind all tinged with fear. The images stopped as suddenly as they started. It was always the way when he prophesied. It was his curse. Never did anything good come of his visions.

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