Top 5 Jane Austen Film Adaptations

When I originally thought about putting this post together, I hadn’t considered restricting it. However, with the numerous amounts of adaptations out there I thought it best to narrow the focus down to adaptations set in the 1800s so I can do this list justice. Otherwise, I could never decide!

  1. Northanger Abbey: starring Felicity Jones & J.J. Feild
  2. Pride & Prejudice: mini series starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle
  3. Sense & Sensibility: mini series starringHattie Morahan & Dan Stevens
  4. Emma: mini series starring Romola Garai & Johnny Lee Miller
  5. Pride & Prejudice: starring Keira Knightly & Mathew Macfadyen because you simply don’t always have time to watch the mini series and, let’s face it, Matthew Mcfadyen looks great in a poet shirt.  ;-)

What are your top five?

Top 5 Jane.png

“7-7-7” Challenge – I’ve Been Tagged!

So, Erika Lance tagged me in the “7-7-7” challenge, which is to post seven lines starting at the seventh row of the seventh page of your current work in progress.

Below is an excerpt from my yet untitled work due to be out late next year, which is based on Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.

“God. There is no God in these circumstances and that thing was certainly not of God’s creation,” she shrank back from the waves of rage that rolled off me.  Tears ran down Eleanor’s face, but I knew what I must do and she would not stop me.  We embraced and reluctantly she released me so I could walk over to the doorway that was the harbinger of my future.  

Tentatively, I tapped the space occupied by it with my finger which rippled in response to the contact.  My finger seemingly unharmed, I was emboldened and inserted my hand.  At first, there was some resistance like breaking the surface of a pool of water, but then nothingness