Three Great Pyramids

I have to confess that I had recently watched Gods of Egypt before writing this story. It was entertaining and it left an impression. I love stories that bring ancient Egypt and its mythology to life.

  • Avulsion
  • Mug
  • Eternity

Alric was walking down the sandy alleyway, entranced by the silhouettes of the three great pyramids in the distance. He was too enthralled by the scene before him to notice that he was being followed and taken by surprise when these men shoved him to the ground and mugged him. They were covered in black tattoos that honored the destructive god of Set and with no explanation, they tore his heart from his chest with their bare hands, as if through avulsion. Alric lived just long enough to see his still heart in the hand of his murderer.

He thought that was going to be the end, until he found himself at the silver scale ready to weigh his soul to see if he was worthy to enter the afterlife, where he’d live out his eternity. Alric, didn’t think it was possible to feel this nervous when he was dead, but the white feather on the left side of the scale suddenly looked very heavy.

Writing Exercise: It Told of a Curse

How could I pass up bringing Egypt into my story when “curse” is one of the words? What would you write in 5 minutes?

  • Cuddle
  • Curse
  • Pasta

The torches were burning bright as we descended into the anti-chamber of the pyramid that held the remains of a sought after prince of a newly discovered dynasty of Egypt. We gathered around the sarcophagus that was elevated on a platform in the center of the room. The gold and blue paint barely worn away by the passage of time. “Jackson, stop crowding me.” I scolded. It started to feel like he was trying to cuddle. The eeriness of being surrounded by the dead undoubtedly getting to him. I leaned in to brush the dust away to reveal a section of hieroglyphs intricately painted on its side. It told of a curse, but educated men such as ourselves never gave weight to any such nonsense, so we opened the cover to reveal the mummy. Its coverings wrapped around him and looked like dried pasta, but it was the glowing red eyes that gave us pause.

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