Each Ticking of The Clock

I had definitely been influenced by all the Hallmark romance movies I'd been watching when I wrote this.





Liam paced around the wood cabin with frustration. He had meticulously planned the moment. The fire was burning brightly in the fireplace and the candles were lit casting the interior with a warm homey glow. The Christmas lights shimmered and danced in the corner and just in front of it hung the mistletoe. Tonight, was going to be magical, but with each ticking of the clock he grew more agitated while he searched high and low. Liam had turned over every cushion and every pillow, but the ring was lost.






Out of all the problems I could have had tonight, why did it have to be this one, he asked himself. He sat down on the couch it’s softness a comfort, when something started poking his ribcage. He got up annoyed, and wiped his side, but there was nothing. Liam stared at the couch accusatorily, when a glint caught his eye. There, in between, the folds of the brown couch was the solitaire emerald that he’d been looking for. His hands shook with excitement as he gingerly picked it up. That’s when Amanda walked through the door.