Writing Exercise: His Brain Shouted at Him To Run

The below words were picked and we had 5 minutes to write our response. As soon as these words were chosen, I knew that I would use Paisley as my character’s name. That’s what provided the spark for my blurb. What would be your inspiration?

  • Bottle
  • Paisley
  • Gift card

Paisley looked at the bottle in his hand. He still wasn’t sure how it got there and he didn’t want to know what the red liquid inside it was. He cautiously placed the bottle on the floor of his bedroom nervous that its contents may spill and started to look for anything that would jog his memory about the last twenty-four hours. Paisley emptied his pockets and, aside from a gift card to the mall and some lint, nothing. He stared at his reflection in the mirror trying to force himself to remember something, anything. That’s when a murky image appeared in the mirror beckoning him to come closer. His brain shouted at him to run, but his legs seemed to move with a life of their own bringing him closer.

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