Writing Exercise: This Had to be Done

The below three words had to be used in this exercise and we had 5 minutes to write something. For this exercise, the word “Persnickety” was what really drove the direction of my story. It had to be about someone who wasn’t nice. Which word would have inspired you?

  • Peppers
  • Rushed
  • Persnickety

I rushed around the garden to gather the last of the ingredients that were needed, but slowed as I approached the peppers, so that I could be sure that I picked the biggest one. This was going to be the most important item of them all and I felt giddy as I brought the shiny red beauty inside. Quickly, I began to chop. This had to be done before she got home. My nose involuntarily scrunched as her image came to mind and her terrible persnickety attitude, but tonight that was all going to change. With glee, I dropped the herbs and vegetables into the cauldron of boiling water, and then added a dash of salt. That’s when my doorbell rang. Looking through the peep hole, I saw that she had arrived and she was going to make a delicious entrée.

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