I'll Find a Way to Make You Better

Something interesting had to be happening with these three words involved. The five minutes we had to write this response went by really fast!


“What was that?” Isaac asked.

Thomas was exasperated that he had to repeat himself, so he took a calming sip of his tea before he replied, “You’re a moron.” Isaac’s face turned bright red at the insult. He threw down his wand and stormed out of the cottage, not wanting to spend another moment in Thomas’ company. The door slammed on his way out, “Good riddance,” Thomas said aloud. He looked around at the mess Isaac had made and located a toad that was hiding beneath papers that were all over the floor. Gingerly, he picked it up. “It’s okay, mum,” Thomas said soothingly, “he’s gone and I promise that I’ll find a way to make you better.”