Summon the Doorway

I'm not sure anyone could resist the allure of crossing through a shimmering doorway, but you can never be sure if what you find will be better than what you've left behind.

  • Honey
  • Surreal
  • Verbal

Jessie, with her honey colored hair and hazel eyes, hadn’t been able to utter a word since that surreal day when she crossed through the shimmering doorway. That was more than three years ago and, since then, she has been made a servant in Tamrin’s large estate. Day in and day out, Jessie had been verbally abused by his guests, who’ve found endless amusement in the fact that she was mute. Today, was the end though. She had found a way to summon the doorway through which she had come. Jessie tightly gripped the small knife in her hand, all it would take was Tamrin’s blood.