Writing Exercises: His Senses Were Heightened

I wrote the below response to our latest writing exercise. We had five minutes to write a story using the below three words.

  • Crescent
  • Buckle
  • Pant

“Jake’s muscles strained and pulled causing the shackles around his arms to buckle and then finally to give way. He immediately took off into a run, finding his way out of the stone cellar and into the woods -the trees towering overhead. His senses were heightened, but something was wrong. It wasn’t supposed to happen yet. It wasn’t the right time. Jake looked up into the night sky and saw the crescent moon staring back at him. It pulled at him causing his bones to break and reshape. All he could do was run and hope that he could make it to the sanctuary in time. Jake came to a sudden stop panting from the pain and exertion as he came to the edge of a cliff. All was lost, at least for tonight. He never should’ve trusted her.”

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