One Special Book

I've noticed that libraries seem to be a setting I use fairly often in my writing exercises and I found myself asking…”why?” The answer I came up with is that they can be ornate, beautiful, are homes to so many worlds. It’s easy to imagine that something fantastic or scary can happen in between those walls. The episode Silence in the Library, from Doctor Who, springs to mind.


It was a lovely afternoon, but Leanna preferred the dark interior of the library over the outdoors. She wandered up and down the aisles while dragging her fingers across the spines of the books waiting for one of them to get her attention. Sometimes it would take mere moments, other times it could take an hour or more, but inevitably her attention would become laser focused on one special book. Today, the book was called The Purge. She wasn’t sure how this could have happened, as she never walked down the section of the library that housed horror. Now, she had no choice but to read it and she had a bad feeling she wouldn’t survive.